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A in-house manufactured product it is manufactured at the best possible production units in West Bengal and guaranteed for performance and quality by our internal engineers . 'HUSAIN' grinding mills will satisfy all your grains grinding needs and can be used for commercial and agricultural use . Over the years 'HUSAIN' grinding mill has become a common name for all agricultural workers due to its precision in performance.

The "HUSAIN" mill will grind all sorts of grain in one operation, provided the grain is dry and not oily. The "HUSAIN" grinding stones are made of the best materials and redressing is only necessary after a large output. The feeding device is operated by an eccentric on the shaft and controlled by a shutter from the hopper. The grade of fineness of the flour can be regulated by the hand wheel at the front of the mill to suit the various products.

Other important features:

The grinding mill has two spouts fitted with suitable sack clamps. It is fitted throughout with ball bearing thus ensuring long life and smooth running. It is supplied ready for immediate use and requires no foundation , and can be operated by unskilled labour as well due to the simplicity in handling and control. It is operated  by a single lever placed behind the handwheel and allows the grinding stones to run idle without altering in anyway the adjustment of the mill. This is an important and practical feature of considerable value . By the incorporation of a safety spring injury to the stones by any hard foreign body is eliminated.

All spares and components of 'HUSAIN' grinding mill are  available with . We being the sole distributor for this product insist on sales vouchers from all retailers . Do report any duplicates and counterfeit copies with us.: Report Us .    

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