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  FHB Marketing Internship.


If you believe that Marketing is the filed you want to strike your mark in , then you are invited to join the team of Marketing warriors,  as an FHB Marketing Intern .  Bengal has awakened amidst ,  the rise of an industrially efficient state . Beeing a part of such an awakening means sharing the vision of growth and development . Marketing interns job is to identify growth potentials inside an already  saturated market and develop that potential to his teams advantage .

The tasks of an FHB Marketing Intern would be to:   Conduct market surveys on our list of tradable products , Market our products over cross-boundary  corporate clients and Regional corporate houses , Indulge in over the counter sales , strategizing sales in target  markets , administer marketing efforts of regional Sales branch , Plan efficiency enhancement based marketing initiatives .

We our looking for fresh blood ,  young and vibrant  executives to be a part of the FHB Marketing team . Freshers are welcomed to apply . Minimum qualifications beeing a bachelors in the field of Business , Commerce , Engineering . Though the main focus for selection  will be on the applicants Marketing skills computing knowledge is a must . Applicants should be fluent in the use of standard operating systems like Windows , and Office softwares .

Comprehensive training for a period of one month will be given to the selected intern after which they will be assigned to a branch office and allotted their respective marketing targets . Your job as an FHB Marketing Intern would be assigned to you after a detailed analysis of your talents is conducted at FHB. The period of employment of a marketing Intern is flexible but does not last more than a period of  six months , after which the intern will be considered for a larger employment continuance depending on his performance .

There is a fixed stipend paid to every intern ,  over and above the progressive sales based commission that he earns during his period of employment . We believe that a true FHB marketing intern would be able to excel in tasks assigned to him and will show true entrepreneurial  qualities . All successful Interns will be Issued certificates at the completion of their tenure of employment at FHB .

In order to become a part of this progressive marketing initiative mail your resumes  along with a letter stating your intent to join our team of interns  mentioning reasons ,  why you should be preferred over other applicants ?                                                                                                                                        to :

FHB Marketing Interns Recruitment Cell:

F.Husain & Brothers. 28, Strand Road. Kolkata 700001, West Bengal, India .

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