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   Sigma Motors.

Uses: The gear pumps are excellent for pumping of furnace oil, crude oil, lubricating oil, molasses tar, varnishes, Syrup, Greases, Soap water, Fats and various types of other viscous liquid. It is also used in cooling arrangement of different machines.

Construction: Two gear wheels driving and driven fixed on shafts in a housing machined with precision tolerance. Both gear wheels shafts are set on both ends in bearing casings lubricated by own pumped liquid. The driving shaft located over the driver shaft pass through the stuffing box holding packing against the leakage of oil or other liquid. The pumping liquid enters through the suction branch to housing and it is led to discharge branch with the help of gear wheels.

Material of Gear Pumps: The main body; back cover; guider; gland flag are of graded cast iron and shafts and gear wheels are of carbon steel [hardened and tempered] and bearing bushes are of phosphor bronze.

Safety Equipment: The pumps have a built in relief valve for by passing the transported liquid when the set pressure is exceeded back to suction side of the pump by a channel inside the housing of the pump.

Special Type: High temperature pump and pumps of different materials of constructions [like , stainless steel, gunmetal, and others] can also be manufactured on request.

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